We strive to create a network that goes beyond formal exchanges between colleagues and partners. As we truly believe that a sustainable and long lasting network can only exist if it is based on friendships and a strong community, everyone is welcome to all of our events.

We organize monthly get-togethers to give students the opportunity to meet, make new friendships and participate in our Berlin based community at ESCP Europe. 

In addition to our socially focused get-togethers we organise additional events, together with different partners in order to grow our open-minded and diversified community.

A flagship event every year are our semester welcomings with the new students in Berlin. For us, it is crucial to welcome all new colleagues and friends. Therefore, we organise events and happenings around every new semester start. 

By creating social events aside professional workshops and recruiting events, we want to improve the exchange between students of different programs at our university. 

connect me. is the bridge created from students for students not only to a successful and exciting but also a social new part of all of our lives.

If you are curious, come see us at one of our upcoming events and follow us on our social media channels!